Dare to Compare

Women's Fragrance

if you like

Baby Phat® Goddess® Sexy Thang
Bath & Body Works® Twilight Woods® Incense Moon
Britney Spears® Curious® 2 Hot
Calvin Klein® Euphoria® Tempt Me
Calvin Klein® Obsession® Confess
Christian Audigier® Ed Hardy® Ink’d
Clinique® Happy® Wanna Play
DNKY® Be Delicious® Head Turner
Dolce & Gabbana® Light Blue® Capri Breeze
Giorgio® Primo
Giorgio® Red® A Little Sexy
Juicy Couture® Viva La Juicy® Rock It!
Oscar® Fairchild
Tommy Girl® Babe
Vera Wang Princess® Goddess
Victoria’s Secret® Love Spell® Swept Away

Men's Fragrance

if you like

Abercrombie & Fitch® Fierce® Raw Power
Armani® Acqua di Gio® Mascolino
Armani® Code® Smokin’ Hot
Bleu de Chanel® Rule
Calvin Klein CK One® U-You
Calvin Klein® Eternity® Tahoe
Claiborne® Curve® Game Changer
Drakkar Noir® New York Nights
Gucci® Guilty® Strike
Polo® Ralph Lauren® Blue® Big Attitude
Ralph Lauren Romance® Being Together
Sean John® Unforgivable® Bring It