Fragrance Personality Test


Your signature drink is:

  • A. Cabernet
  • B. Margarita
  • C. Champagne
  • D. Sex on the Beach
  • E. White Wine Spritzer
  • F. Cosmopolitan

What quality do you look for in a partner?

  • A. Ambition – they go above and beyond and keep you motivated.
  • B. A sense of adventure – they have to be able to keep up with you!
  • C. Chivalry – you expect Prince Charming!
  • D. Sex appeal – they’ve got to rub you the right way, or no way.
  • E. Intellect – someone you can share ideas with.
  • F. A sense of humor that will always keep you smiling.

You couldn’t leave the house without:

  • A. A few dabs of concealer to keep you fresh faced.
  • B. A mani and pedi, in bright, fun colors.
  • C. A swipe of your favorite shimmering lipstick.
  • D. Curled lashes and black mascara to enhance your piercing gaze.
  • E. A tinted moisturizer with SPF protection.
  • F. Shiny pink lip plumper gloss.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you are:

  • A. Super smart, tailored, and timeless.
  • B. Colorful and trendy, with a retro chic flair.
  • C. Refined, elegant, and ultra feminine.
  • D. Sleek and stylish, with a sexy edge.
  • E. Laid back and casual, with a bohemian vibe.
  • F. Playful and preppy, with a modern twist.

Describe your ideal vacation get away:

  • A. R&R at a quaint inn on the English countryside.
  • B. Sunbathing by day and dancing by night at a hip resort in Maui.
  • C. An extended trip to Paris that includes sightseeing, shopping, and candlelit dinners.
  • D. Escaping by yacht to your own private paradise in a remote local.
  • E. Getting pampered and refreshed at a luxury spa retreat.
  • F. Disney World! Sharing your childhood dreams with your own family.



If you got mostly A’s, your signature fragrance is Morning Glory. You are a fearless leader with impeccable style. Your natural intuition and sincerity has earned the respect and love of those around you.


If you got mostly B’s, your signature fragrance is Hawaiian Ginger. You are the life of the party! With your fiery personality and zest for life, you bring excitement and spontaneity to whatever you do.


If you got mostly C’s, your signature fragrance is Parisian Charm. You are a romantic at heart, striving to live your dreams. Your sophistication and elegance highlight your innate femininity.


If you got mostly D’s, your signature fragrance is Tahitian Orchid. You are the definition of femme fatale – seductive and glamorous with a hint of mystery. With your passion and intensity, you always get what you desire.


If you got mostly E’s, your signature fragrance is French Lavender Vanilla. You are a down-to-Earth gal who appreciates the finer things in life. With your wisdom and compassion, you inspire serenity all around you.


If you got mostly F’s, your signature fragrance is Japanese Cherry Blossom. Your glass is always half-full, and you find joy in the little things. Your fun-loving and light-hearted attitude make you truly charming.